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Ever wonder what happens to all those slips of paper or scrap pieces of siding you write phone numbers and measurements on?
Sound familiar?

It’s time to get yourself organized.

Keep a simple spiral notebook (with a brightly colored cover) and devote a page for each job. Include:

  • phone number(s)
  • address 
  • best time to call
  • type of job requested

And any other information you will need to access at a glance.
Now is the perfect time to turn over a new leaf and get organized.
“Plan your day and stick to your plan”

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Since forming ten years ago The Earthwise Group, LLC has grown from six to fifteen locally owned, independent manufacturers that produce over 700,000 windows and doors annually.

RJT is one of the founding members.

Its members maintain operations in most sections of the U.S.

Windows and doors produced by the Group consistently meet and exceed tough Energy Star, NFRC, and AAMA standards.  This allows you to offer your customer the finest energy efficient products.

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