FAQs - Consumers

  • What is Earthwise™ and why is it important? +

    Earthwise™ is a growing consortium of window manufacturers that look to solve the issue of installing windows in a permanent location while capturing the value of economies of scale. National coverage allows for purchasing power and state of the art technology. Local representation allows for tailoring products to specific climate zones and geographic locations.
  • What region does RJT cover? +

    RJT Industries serves Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia.
  • As a consumer, can I order directly from RJT? +

    RJT Industries sells to contractors. If you need assistance in finding a contractor, contact us and we can provide you with recommendations.

  • What is included in a typical installation? +

    Factory Installation includes: site measurements, removal and proper disposal of existing products, installation of new products, confirmation of proper operation, exterior trim and sealing with approved sealants.

  • Is RJT certified to perform EPA Lead Safe Installation Methods? +

    Yes, we are certified to perform EPA Lead Safe Installation methods.

  • What is the standard warranty period for windows and doors? +

    Please see specific warranties for specific products.

  • What is the parts policy under warranty? +

    Replacement parts covered under warranty that are so designated are available at no charge. The consumer has three options as to the labor required.

    1. If brought to an RJT location there is no charge for labor.
    2. Replacement parts can be sent to the consumer for replacement on site.
    3. A qualified service technician can provide and install the parts for a fee.

  • Do you offer extended warranties? +

    No. Warranties are product specific and may not be extended.

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